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John comes to TANGERINE FILMS by way of Hollywood. John is a popular and well respected director of photography in the world of feature films. His long list of credits include Bewitched, The Core, Sum of All Fears, Pleasantville, You've Got Mail, Field of Dreams and many others. John's highly acclaimed spot for the BMW Z3, which ran in movie theaters nation wide, catapulted him into directing. Lindley enjoys directing and shooting commercials because it requires a different skill than that of the feature film environment. "The format is so fast and so immediate. It reflects the fast pace of contemporary life." Directing commercials for Lindley has an additional appeal. "When I first started shooting, features were the visual achievement that everybody hoped for... Now commercials have become the place that allows me to push creative boundaries." It seems there are no boundaries to what John Lindley can do.

Feature Film Credits: Bewitched, The Core, Sum Of All Fears, Pleasantville, Sleeping with the Enemy, Field of Dreams, Money Train, The Good Son, Father of the Bride, Sneakers, True Believer, I Love Trouble, Michael and Lucky Numbers.

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Caffe Latte "Fireplace"

Caffe Latte "Subway"


Tilson "Dirt"

Tilson "Fathers and Sons"



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