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Based in New York City, and serving as both director and director of photography, GoodGuys (Nathan Crooker & Brian Jackson) specialize in high-end, real person television and internet advertising.

They have produced spots for major brands such as Miller Brewing, New Balance, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Pepsi, and Dell among others. Although TV has been a major component of their work in the past, web based advertising has become their mainstay. Campaigns that are long and complex are their forte.

A unique talent of GoodGuys is their expertise in timelapse photography, a skill they have demonstrated time and again by creating projects for Hugo Boss, the SXSW Film Festival, Dell, and many more.

In 2010, GoodGuys directed and shot a new campaign for Chevrolet entitled "Car Hunters." This campaign was original in that it was coupled with HGTV's wildly popular show "House Hunters," running as a show within a show.

In the past couple of years GoodGuys have also been involved in a number of high profile documentary projects. Crooker served as DP on the film Holy Wars which made it's world premier at this years Toronto Film Festival, while Jackson served as DP on the film Windfall, also premiering at Toronto. Most recently Crooker wrote and directed the award winning short films "Stuffer" and "Peace of Mind" for which Jackson served as DP. They hope to complete their first feature film in 2011.

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Canon Eos - "Director"

Canon Eos - "Exec"

Canon Vixia - "Birthday"

Chevy - "Lupe"

Chevy promo

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FSH "Megan Ackerman"

Kyung Wha Chung

Microsoft IdeaWins

Miller Orlando


New Balance - Ep 1

New J Tree

Sea World

Telluride Film Festival


VW "What the People Want"

"Peace of Mind" Trailer

"Stuffer" Trailer

Deluka - "Trespasser"

Gavin Degraw - "The Approach"

Gavin Degraw - "The Band"

GQ - "Adriana"

Holy Wars (DP ONLY)

Laptops "Dell" with Douglas Little

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